Our house rules

Please let us know, if you miss something in our accommodation, if something should be improved
or if we can be of any assistance.
If there is any damage to the furnishings, please notify us immediately. At the latest on your depar-
ture. Often you can clarify things quickly and easily with the liability insurance.
Little things, such as a broken glass or a plate, need to be reported aswell.
Please ensure that fellow travelers abide by the house rules.
Your duty of care:
Please close all windows and doors before leaving the property. We assume no liability for theft or
burglary. Please make sure also that all lights, the stove / oven and other switched on devices are
off. Please handle the furnishings carefully.
Kitchen /Bath:
We kindly ask you to clean used dishes, cutlery or pots and pans before your departure. At depar-
ture the kitchen should look again (as far as possible) as you found it! All food must be disposed
upon departure. Please separate your rubbish properly in the containers.
Please ventilate after showering for at least 15 minutes and turn off the heating during this time.
Don‘t dispose of any food leftovers in the toilet, shower or sink.
Heating / Ventilation:
Ventilate the premises daily for at least 10 minutes (‚patch airing‘). Do not forget to turn off the
heating during this time. The heaters must be turned off, when the windows are open!
You must not reprogramm the heating system!
We kindly ask you to smoke only in places, where this is expressly allowed. Please ask, if you are
not sure where you may smoke and where not.
Rest / lunch times:
We ask you to keep silent hours in the period from 10 pm – 7 am and from 12 pm to 3 pm.
As a tenant, you will get at least one key from us. In case of the loss of the key / the keys
the replacement of the entire locking system is required. The costs are to be borne by the
Please use only designated / public parking spaces and pay attention if necessary on the
operating times.
- Please do not reprogram devices like TV etc. according to your wishes.
- Additional non-displayed persons are not allowed to stay overnight at the property.
- Please make sure to take off dirty shoes at the door.
- Do not carry furniture from the interior to the outside.
Thank you for your attention!